Everything Everywhere All at Once — thoughts and feels

while it’s still fresh in mind, wanted to summarize how I saw and felt about the film.

everything Everywhere All at Once: can totally relate. As the ‘evil daughter’ says, every universe wants something from you: same in our lives. The beginning scene is disturbing by how chaotic it is. Things are falling apart and she fails to concentrate on anything, having a scattered bran with constant fatigue. At times I feel like I don’t have control over my own life, things are running non-stop and there is never a good ‘time’ or moment to do anything as everything is happening all at once. Everything seeks immediate attention and requires immediate solution. It feels as if you are constantly galloping and chasing something with no end at sight.

‘nothing matters’. Besides the crazy daughter making her ‘everything bagel’ statement (brilliant and bizarre metaphor on which I can elaborate later), her husband makes the same statement at the very end of the film when the mother and the daughter are bonding. Precisely. While giving up on everything and having the “nothing matters” motto in life might not be sustainable but rather create a recipe for a disaster, saying ‘nothing matters’ at times is probably what all of us need to do when life seems to draw us into the chaos or should I say, when we drive ourselves into a chaos? I really liked that sentiment and the message was quite deep.

a random thought. The planets with rocks. Hilarious, but did you notice it was all texting? And what do we do nowadays? What seems to be the MAIN means of communication? Why do you think everyone laughed in the theater when the rocks were exchanging “ha-ha-ha-ha’s” with each other? Does that scene sound familiar in your own lives? I found myself guilty of what we all do and what I thought was a little hint brought my the film creators. Does that make you stop and think for a moment as well?

an everything bagel. Simply put, bizarre. EVERYONE was dying of laughter, me being no exception. That is such an American thing. I bet people from the rest of the world would not get this as much as Americans do. Film makers do make fun of this though, think of how they described it ‘I put poppy, then sesame, then salt’ basically mixing every random thing and created whatever I wanted. I mean, just realizing that the whole evil epicenter part of the movie is evolving around the most basic bagel being the high level science black hole is WOW. Seriously? But hey, it works. Average people don’t get how black holes work, but they have seen bagels, they have smelled and even tasted them and admit it, everything bagel is the way to go. If not, get out of here.

however wrapping it all around, was the movie really about the bagel? No. Relationships, kindness, stop fighting and make love. That is probably the message so many films and cartoons carry, but they all do it differently. This whole story was about the misunderstanding, insecurities, fears created in our own heads that extend way beyond our own lives. At the end, kindness and simplicity, little laundromat and taxes happened to win over everything else that seemed superior and more exciting. That puts a smile on my face and reinforces my own thinking reminding myself that sometimes I need to say ‘nothing matters’ and embrace the rest with courage and determination, yet most importantly — kindness.



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