Feeling present..

how come everything I do, from sitting at the desk, putting in some work, eating an apple, scrolling the social media feed, answering the messages of my family and just blanking adds up gradually without me even realizing it? Seconds turn into minutes, those are interchanged and add into hours, days, weeks and all of those small things, new habits turn into the reality. The truth is, most of the time I am absent from my own reality. Sudden moments bring me back to it, as a fresh breath of air, I gulp it and start breathing in the air filling up my lungs I feel liberated, I feel light and I will like I am flying. Looking up I see a night sky with bright tiny dots, dozens of them illuminating the ceiling of the night…

We all see the same sky, they can see it too even from a different part of the world. I keep reminding myself of that whenever I feel lonely and disconnected. Today, I feel especially inspired. Funny how a heavy and dull day might change in instant and turn into an exciting emotional adventure. It’s all in our own hands. I was feeling truly happy, swinging in the play ground, listening to my favorite songs, looking up as I go down and staring at the sky. That moment when the swing takes you up I feel the butterflies in my stomach and towards the peak, can feel like I am about to fly, so light, so easy. I was laughing and smiling, it wasn’t forced, it was real. I guess after all, the reality doesn’t have to be dull and straight, it can be sunny and wavy and every time the wave is about to go up, you hop on it and ride it filling up the butterflies in your stomach.

Probably one of my favorite states of mind is the feeling of presence. It may not happen every day but when it does, it makes me feel alive. It connects my mind with my body and soul whatever that means :D



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