Lost in thoughts

do you know what it feels like being lonely? When you have to find a sweatshirt in your closet because you are shivering. You reach towards your can that is almost gone and you flip your head and finish that can full of the 7% liquid that is going to carry away all your cares and thoughts far and far away… You up the volume on the classical song you are listening to while feeling the liquid hit your brain. Next you open the fridge and reach towards the last bottle you got that will take you far-far way from everything you are accustomed to…

Life. What are you really? I remember listening to my dad venting about his relationship with his very own brother he is never really gonna talk to anymore. They are the closest humans can every be. Blood line, raised in the same household yet the most foreign they can be. How does this happen? How do tears drop do so effortlessly and naturaly, while listening to the best Band every (Daft Punk and of course “Fun by Coldplay” starts playing this very moment, reminding you all of all the pain of the your 3-year old relationship that never worked out)…. Sometimes your dreams remind you of him. What does it really it mean to be a 26 y.o.? I don’t know

i guess that is exactly why people drink, They want to forget of all the complications of the reality. They want to let the tears scroll their cheeks and further neck with no judgement because we are all the same…

we try to be bettter, we try to be more perfect for others, but in fact we are all broken from within and we cannot stop our tears from dropping. We sob and then we smile, get up every morning because a new day is promising a new beginning and a new adventure. Whoever created this universe, this world and all the humans within is a freaking genius. It is so flawed. SO-SO flawed. That is the entire beauty of it.

EMPTY CROWN ❤ let me text my friend



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