Your last day

why don’t you pretend for a moment or not really pretend, but rather think of it as it’s your last day in this life. Would you do anything more different than you normally do? Give it a thought for a couple of moments. Why would it be any different from what you are doing every single day? This is kind of a very big question we ask ourselves very seldom, perhaps while at the bar drinking with friend or at an unfortunate event of losing a loved one...

What if every single day you live every single day of your life as if it was your last day, giving your very best and taking everything, extracting every bit you possibly could, every crumb and droplet… eating and indulging as if it was your last bite, putting your mind and soul for 101% into that dance movement, writing as if it was your last sentence you ever wrote for someone to rediscover it later, hugging as if it was the very last bit of warmth to be ever felt, looking in the eyes and reaching the endless bottom as if you look into the very soul as Chekhov once said, crying as if you exhale anything alive you’ve got left within, starting that conversation you never got the courage of doing as if you had nothing to lose anyway; saying the words that were never meant to be pronounced outside your head, stopping for a moment and giving yourself a break as if you have nowhere to hurry, holding your last breathe as if nothing else would ever matter, staring at the sunset as if it was the very last one making you feel like a tiny microbe in this limitless multiverse.

Can you relate to any of these statements during your normal daily life? Are you too far carried away by the routine, chores and survival that you forget the very meaning of existence? What needs to happen to you to start LIVING today?



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